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Retail Process Management (RPM)

The MaestroTec solution understands the needs and challenges of growing retailers and their manufacturers. Challenges can be methodologically managed with a well designed solution bringing together people, processes, and tools to manage internal staff, external services, vendors, factories, and products. Benefits include reduced risks, increased accountability, higher visibility, increased efficiency, lower costs, and a wealth of useful information to improve the management and execution of strategic goals and processes.

Therefore, a robust, complete solution must not only help our clients, it must help their partners as well through gained efficiencies and cost effective programs. The ideal solution transforms distant vendors and factories into trusted partners and it turns quality assurance providers into guardians of the retailer’s brand.

The MaestroTec Innovation

MaestroTec’s Retail Process Management solution is a unique solution that identifies and combines the best practice solutions from 1) a firm foundation of project management concepts and practices, 2) a well-balanced software solution which is rigid enough to ensure discipline and security, yet flexible enough to accommodate complex systems, situations, and the uncertainty of future changes, and 3) a solid understanding by the staff of the present and future challenges facing sourcing staff.

Advantages of Maestro-RPM
  1. Fully web-based solution – everyone from everywhere can access the database with Internet Explorer, no additional hardware or software is required
  2. Ease of Use – Maestro-RPM has been widely praised for its clean user interface and its simplicity to understand and use by a diverse user base
  3. Highly Cost Effective – costs can be shared and allocated to all users of the system, including your vendors

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