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HR Time and Attendance (eTime)

Maestro-eTime is an automated timesheet tool that is a cost-effective alternative to homegrown, paper-based, or manual intensive time and attendance solutions. Maestro-eTime is designed to allow each organization to adapt their time and attendance process and best practices by integrating them into our tool.

Time Entry is done through a user-friendly interface that has been designed to make the data input as painless as possible. In fact as an exempt employee, if you do not have any variances to report for the current period, all that you need to do is submit your timesheet to your manager. As an hourly employee, just enter your time worked for each day of the current period and submit your timesheet to your manager. In addition to submitting your hours for approval, you have the option to print your timesheet.

Timesheet Review is an efficient and straightforward process. Starting with the manager search function, manage the timesheet review process with a summarized view for each manager displaying the total number of timesheets, timesheets not submitted, the number waiting for approval, approved, denied, or pending adjustments. Managers can easily find employee timesheets that require approval, review their history, and even set up proxies to temporarily assign someone to manage and approve timesheets.

Timesheet History provides a history of every employee’s time and attendance record including pay period, dates, regular hours, additional hours, time off, and submission for approval dates, management approval dates, and submission to payroll dates. No more questions about attendance records—it’s all online and reviewed by a manager.

System Administration is made simple through the table maintenance interface where modifications can be quickly made to holiday calendars, roles and responsibilities, time off codes, timesheet matrix, batch log, system access by cost center, HR website links, contact us email accounts, email notifications, weekly pay periods, biweekly pay periods, reports, and system access by employee. Utilize the tables of the application to create an environment that resembles your process by establishing your calendars, time off codes, pay periods, and your level of security and management controls.

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