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Deployment Methods

Deployment Methods: Flexible Ownership Options

With its easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution and its standardized architecture, MaestroTec software enables you to leverage your existing investment and infrastructure in document, content, project, resource, and portfolio management. Moreover, all our solutions implement quickly, either in-house, using your hardware, or externally, using MaestroTec’s hosted partner; NaviSite Inc.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With our monthly subscription based service you get a secured deployment of the application and database at our hosted site. Startup time is very quick, allowing you to attain the return on your investment sooner. Easy to use administrative screens provide quick access to add new users and setup your own environment. Our solutions are hosted at NaviSite, providing you with the most current security for the network, facilities, and content. Data is backed up daily so you don’t have to worry about loosing your data.

On-Premise License

The on-premise license means that our software is installed on your own server within your IT infrastructure. All you need is a web-server running IIS 5.0 or greater and SQL Server 2000 or greater. Some of our products require additional components, which will be provided to you with the installation kit. With this option you pay a one-time license fee and an annual service agreement, which includes free upgrades and new functionality.

License Purchase

No Buy-Versus-Build Quandary. This one-time purchase allows you and your company access to the source code, documentation and additional training to allow you to make your own changes, integrations and add-ons. MaestroTec solves the buy-versus-build dilemma, allowing you to do both! Service Agreements are also available with a license purchase.

MaestroTec promises you no more "Swiss Army knife" solutions when what you really need is a pocket-knife, a hammer and a screwdriver. Or in MaestroTec parlance, we can make all sections of your organization’s orchestra play together, using all, some or just a single instrument in our product group.

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